Jolene's Sweet Ride

Jolene was from Iowa, she headed down south to the sunshine state because life was slow back home, a home that she had known all her life, but was ready for a big change, perhaps some extra excitement, perhaps a new job, or even new lover. Her daydreams of what could be were endless. Jolene wanted to go fast, fast and hot. So on the white powder sands of Daytona she found her true love... a "1948 Harley Davidson Panhead FL" motorcycle. So with the wind in her hair and a smile on her glossy tinted rosy lips, Jolene flew across the sand on her Sweet Ride. The beach is pure happiness and sensual abundance. She knew she could and would attract attention from anyone – but more importantly, she hoped to find the perfect ride partner to share her new found freedom. Jolene was on her way to a greater and bigger future with surprises hopefully abounding. Sweet Ride, represents all the freedom your life should have.